Pigments for Printing Inks

Pigments are one of the most important ingredients in ink. Pigments used in printing inks are colorants that are insoluble in water and most solvents. Karma International offers pigments for inks for printing and products that require inks like plastics, fabrics, etc. We manufacture pigments for inks in mass and reduced tones across red, blue, yellow, and green shades. This includes high-performance pigments, inorganic pigments for inks and toners. Our organic pigments and pigment preparations for offset, flexo print, and packaging applications are ideal for solvent or water-based inks. Our organic pigments are highly acclaimed worldwide for their reliable quality. They are globally upplied to the graphic arts markets and f nctional material markets. Being one of the most trusted offset printing ink suppliers, we bring premium Ink raw material to the market.

Features of our Pigments:

  • Excellence Properties
  • High Strength & Good Transparency
  • Consistent Quality for Ink Industry
This image shows blue, pink, yellow and black colour cloth rolled on machine, these fabric colours, supplies by textile dye exporter and manufacturer Karma International
This image shows multiple colour dye, supplies by organic pigment and acid dye exporter India.
This image shows red, blue and yellow pigments for printing inks, supplies by Karma International
Pigments Mass Tone Reduced Tone
Pigment Blue 15:0 Request Sample
Pigment Blue 15:1 Request Sample
Pigment Blue 15:3 Request Sample
Pigment Blue 15:4 Request Sample
Pigment Green 7 Request Sample

Pigment red 53:1 Request Sample
Pigment Red 57:1 Request Sample
Pigment Yellow 12 Request Sample
Pigment Yellow 13 Request Sample
Pigment Violet 3 Request Sample