This image shows small pieces of multiple shades pigment colour, exports by Karma international

Our Products

Our products find application in a wide range of industries like –Textile, Leather, Coating, Paint, Ink, Paper, Plastic, Agriculture, Cosmetics, and other fields in which colors are needed. Our versatile pigment dyes are widely used as raw material in making plastic paper, rubber, paint, detergent powder, soaps, textile, inks, etc. Our products are highly appreciated for their accurate composition, purity and excellent quality and fine packaging. We strive to deliver the best quality of products to our customers while being ecologically sensitive.


Acid Dyes are the most commonly used Dyestuff. Acid dyes are very large water-soluble dyes having better light-fastness than basic dyes on fibers. They are mainly efficient for protein fibers such as silk, wool, nylon and modified acrylics. The complex structure, large aromatic molecules, and water-soluble anionic property of acid dyes enhance the solubility and help them stick well with cationic groups in fiber for a long-lasting effect. Karma International is actively involved in the pursuit of delivering the most precise acid dyes that can be used for a broad range of applications. We introduce our company as one of the most trusted acid dyes manufacturers and exporters. Being a quality-conscious acid dyes manufacturer in India, we choose to work with the choicest acetic, vinegar and sulfuric acid components to produce our acid dyes. Our Acid dyes are in high demand and are widely used in textile dyeing, printing, leather, wool coating and ink industries.


An organic pigment is an organic molecule that acts as a pigment. It means that an organic pigment can change the color of reflected or transmitted light as the result of wavelength-selective absorption. Common types of pigments include azo pigments, lake pigments, phthalocyanine pigments and quinacridone pigments. They are all artificially synthetic organic compounds. Organic pigments are usually brighter, stronger, and more transparent than inorganic pigments but are not as light resistant. We supply a range of high quality organic pigments, useful in a wide range of industrial applications and available in various shades, to suit all your production needs. We are one of the most prominent entities, indulged as pigment manufacturers. Our in-depth knowledge & expertise in pigment manufacturing have made us one of the most prominent organic pigments suppliers having a strong reach in many countries.