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Karma International provides high-performance pigments and pigment preparations for a wide range of applications. Discover our pigments for paints and coatings, for plastics and building materials, our anticorrosive pigments for steel coatings, our color pastes and pigment concentrates for tinting systems and more. Karma offers a wide range of pigments and pigment preparations both organic and inorganic to meet the demands of customer. With industrial applications as varied as aerospace, automotive, coil, architectural and refinishing, paint formulations need to meet any number of technical criteria, including ease of application, opacity and durability to name but a few. Depending on application requirements, pigment compounds provide paints with key attributes such as color strength, coverage, durability, chemical inertness, light and weather fastness as well as good environmental performance we continually strive to push back the boundaries of pigment science in order to create new, more effective solutions. For paint manufacturers, this means our pigments always provide the best possible fit to their requirements.

Karma International is among the best pigment manufactures in India and well equipped manufacturing unit at Ankleshwar. High production capacity plant has made the company very competent to meet bulk requirements of clients.

Over the years we have established and developed a close working relationship with all our clients within India and solid business relationship with your company for the mutual benefits of our both parties.

I hope this will meets to your interest and we assure you of our excellent quality product and prompt delivery in attractive packing, also we add up that we can cater your need for any other organic pigments from our group industries

Organic Pigments

Organic pigments are made up of carbon rings and carbon chains. Chemical compounds can be used during colour production to stabilise the organic pigments. Organic pigment is a class of insoluble organic compounds of high coloring strength. The so-called insolubility means that they have extremely small solubility in water, organic solvent, and various kinds of media.

The range of other organic pigments includes azo pigments, quinacridone and toner pigments. Some high-performance range of pigments has been included according to the classification.

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Phthalocyanine Pigments

Application of our Pigment Includes Plastics Coatings, Paints, Textiles, Solvent & Water Based Inks

Pigment Blue 15:0 | Pigment Blue 15:1 | Pigment Blue 15:3 | Pigment Blue 15:4 | Pigment Green 7